Monday, May 2, 2011

Credit Card cake

Hi again. So why credit card cake?  It was my father-in-law's 50th birthday and my mother-in-law wanted a black cake because everything else including the party decorations was black too. It was quite a challenge I have to admit. I had no idea what theme to chose and how to make the cake black. Since I couldnt find black fondant I decided to go with black icing. The idea of credit card came from a long search on the internet. When I came across the picture of that lovely cake I thought it would suit my case perfectly. My father-in-law works hard, likes to make and spend money, uses Master card. And the main thing about it was that it was black!! So I took on the challenge and even added a twist to it. My father-in-law is Purto-Rican and I came up with an idea of adding a Purto-Rican flag. I could tell he really liked the cake and the flag made it even more meaningful to him.
As for the cake itself it was black and white. White amazingly soft layers had raisins in them and the chocolate layers had coconut flakes. The frosting I used this time was the mixture of sour cream and boiled caramelized condenced milk. I liked what it tasted like and will definitely use this cake for my other creations.

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